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Let's Fight This Together - A ChangeMaker's Newsletter

#COVID-19 has taught us many lessons and the most important are; keeping the spirit high and not stopping to help and support each other in this crisis. The Humanity Calls campaign has achieved significant milestones within 2 months of its operations. With each day, we pace towards remarkable progress with unwavering efforts and collaborations. This would have not been possible without the love and support from our Donors, Content Developers, Volunteers, Partner Organizations and the Team. We at The Humanity Calls would like to extend our gratitude towards All who made this possible. We aim to work with the vulnerable population with the mission of sustainable growth and development with zero hunger. We hope to receive all your love and support in this journey of service to Humanity.

Here we are presenting to you The Humanity Calls Newsletter:

#zerohunger #sustainabledevelopment #livelihoodgeneration #covid19 #mentalhealth #innovations #healthandhygiene

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